Our Dairy Promise

The Australian dairy industry promises to provide nutritious food for a healthier world

Our promise spells out the dairy industry's sustainability commitments to customers, communities, investors and our own people.

The Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework is helping us deliver on our Dairy Promise to create rewarding livelihoods for our people, nourish consumers with nutritious food, provide best case for all our animals and leave the environment in better shape for the future.

In 2017, Our Dairy Promise was launched alongside four commitments to sustainability in dairy. Each commitment's goals and targets provide guidance to farmers, manufacturers and industry bodies on our shared priorities.

Our Commitments

Our Dairy Promise is underpinned by four commitments to industry profitability, human health and nutrition, animal welfare and adapting to climate change.

Each year we report on and commit to:

Commitment 1 - Enhancing economic viability and livelihoods

Creating a vibrant industry that rewards dairy workers and their families, dairying co…

Commitment 2 - Improving the wellbeing of people

Providing nutritious, safe, quality dairy food.

Commitment 3 - Providing best care for all our animals

Striving for health, welfare and best care for all our animals throughout their lives.

Commitment 4 - Reducing environmental impact

Meeting the challenge of climate change and provide good stewardship of our natural resources.

Since 2012, the goals and targets for each commitment have been tracked, measured and publicly reported through the internationally recognised Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework.

Every year we report on our progress and you can access all 2012-2020 reporting on this site.

It is a challenging time for the industry with a serious drought biting in several of our dairy regions - flow-on effects are impacting the industry as a whole. However, the Framework is about keeping dairy in business for the long term and improving our resilience to meeting challenges as they come, including a changing climate.

To ensure our industry has a strong future, we must keep our eye on the horizon. Our internationally recognised Sustainability Framework allows us to do this.


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