To provide nutritious food for a healthier world is our Dairy Promise

Looking ahead to a sustainable future of dairy

The landscape of the Australian dairy industry has transformed since we first started discussing dairy sustainability back in 2012.

In 2018, we released our revised set of goals and targets to 2030.

Our 2019 report focuses on progress towards these 2030 goals and targets, and shows how we align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our website is currently being updated. Data reported on this website is from the 2019 reporting period, unless otherwise stated.

Review our latest 2020 report and scorecard online.

The Framework's four commitments:

Commitment 1 - Enhancing economic viability and livelihoods

We commit to creating a vibrant industry that rewards dairy workers and families, their related communit…

Commitment 2 - Improving wellbeing of people

The Australian dairy industry is committed to continuous improvement to ensure dairy…

Commitment 3 - Providing best care for all our animals

Striving for health, welfare and best care for all our animals throughout their live…

Commitment 4 - Reducing our environmental impact

Meeting the challenge of climate change and providing good stewardship of our natural resources…